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      Digital Prints on Glossy Photo Paper

      Printed on high-quality photo paper

      Product details

      Product details

      Printed on high-quality photo paper using Silver Halide printing methods.

      Premium photo paper for excellent contrast and brilliant colors.

      Longevity and lightfastness (resistance to fading) guaranteed.

      Product information

      Product information

      High-quality photo paper

      Aspect ratio:
      Photos taken with a digital camera are normally saved with the Aspect ratio 3:4.
      This means that a 4x6 print (which has the Aspect ratio 2:3) the image will be cropped.

      Please note:

      If you order your prints via our free Desktop software, you will be able to choose between the two aspect ratios.

      If you order your prints via the online uploader, the aspect ratio 3:4 will be used.




      Reccomended Resolution

      in inches

      in MPx
      4 x 6

      5 x 7


      Photo Stickers


      Reccomended Resolution

      Sticker Size per Sheet

      in MPx
      approx. 2.5x3 16
      approx. 1.5x2.5 8
      approx. 1x1.5 4
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