Canvas Bag

      The eco-friendly shopping bag!

      starting at $ 9.95 *

      • Ideal for toting groceries or craft projects
      • Large range of optional design templates
      • Made from cream-colored natrual cotton

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      Canvas Bag

      Linen re-usable bag printed with your photo

      Product description

      Product description

      This eco-friendly canvas bag with its extra-strong handles is the perfect companion for shopping trips to the deli or farmers market and also makes a wonderful tote bag for transporting your craft projects!

      The cream-colored canvas bag can be embellished with photos, text and designs to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Keep it in your purse or car or take it with you on your vacation travels!

      Product information

      Product information

      Printable area:
      10.6 x 7 inches

      Recommended resolution:
      2126 x 1417 pixels


      Natural cotton



      15 x 16 inches

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      Canvas bag $9.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Baby Bib (Yellow) $14.99 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      T-Shirt $15.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Pillow Case $17.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Baseball Cap $19.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      BBQ Apron $19.95 $5.99 $2.00 7-10 business days
      Sweatshirt $22.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Pillow with pillow case $24.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Small Shoulder Bag $24.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
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        Canvas Bag

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