A Toast to a Great Year!

You, your family, and your friends have experienced so much over the past 12 months. Why not preserve all those memories in your own year book photo book?

Take all the photos you have taken throughout the year and include them in your photo book. Start with January and then go through the whole year month by month. With our easy and free software you can customize each section of your photo book with art and backgrounds that reflect the different seasons and holidays. Here are some other ideas and themes you can use for making your annual memory photo book:

Don't Forget Birthdays – Include photos from your birthday as well as birthday parties you've been invited to. Caption each picture or include a funny story about what happened that day.

Make a Top 10 Moments Book – List your top ten special moments and activities from the past year. Write down why you have chosen the event and, of course, include your favorite photos. 

Keep Holiday Traditions Alive – Have an annual 4th of July party or Memorial Day barbeque? An Easter egg hunt or Halloween haunted house? Keep the memories of these traditions alive by including photos and stories about them in your year book photo book. 

Add Children's Artwork – Preserve your child's artwork while saving space in your drawers and closets. Simply scan the artwork as high resolution and include the images on the pages of your year book photo book. Mix them with photos of your children on a double spread page. Ask your children to describe their artwork and include their thoughts in text on the pages. 

Cook Up A Recipe Book – Tried some new recipes this year and loved them? Write the recipes down and include them in your memory photo book accompanied by photos of the special dish or dessert. You'll won't misplace or forget your recipes and be able to use the recipes again and again. Make copies of your recipe photo book for the cooking aficionados in your life. 

Acknowledge Family and Friends – Design one page for each family member and best friend and place a single photo of them on the page. Then ask your friend or family member to take a pen and write down their most memorable and special moments of the past year. Of course the idea of a year book photo book is simply keeping everything that happened and that has a meaning to you in one photo book of your own. Include pictures of vacations, parties, holidays, and more and accompany with text if desired. Add in backgrounds, clip art and other design elements and you'll have a beautiful, hardcover memory photo book that will be treasured forever.

Quick Book Builder

Quick Book Builder

Creating a book on your browser is fast and easy. All you need to do is select the size of the book you wish to create and you will be ready to upload your photos and start editing right away.
Wall Art

Wall Art

Wall Art takes only 5 minutes! Choose your favorite photos, and turn them into works of art fast!