Design A Prom Photo Album

Prom night is a once in a lifetime moment you’ll never want to forget. Share these special hours with those you love, but who couldn´t be with you on that special evening. With our tips you can be sure you’ll remember every single minute of your high school prom. 


1. Start to document ever single aspect of planning, leading up to with your prom night. Maybe a photo of you asking your crush if he/ she will be your date for the night. You’ll probably end up laughing about it years later! If you’re on the planning committee then you might want to take photos of the meetings, etc. 



2. Take your camera with you when you’re looking for prom gowns or suits/tuxedos. Take photos of both the worst choices and those that nearly became “the one” you chose for your first item of adult evening wear.



3. Document the hours before the ball begins, while you are getting ready. Take pictures of how your hair is getting done, how you get dressed, and for girls - photos of how your make up looks when it´s finished. How about a „Before/After“ shoot? 



4. The prom night is a very special night, one that you’ll want to remember you’re the rest of your life. It’s a day for pampering and prepping and it’s always a cool idea to ask a few friends, if they would like to share a limousine with you. It makes a good impression when you arrive and it makes a great backdrop for photos to put into your prom night photo book. 


5. Take close up’s of the flowers on his jacket, on her wrist or in her hair. Shoot the beautiful shoes you’re going to be wearing. You can use these kinds of pictures for a background or for a double-page spread. 


6. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take professional portraits of you and your date and friends. Don´t just take „serious and adult looking“ photos. Take funny and happy photos of you making silly faces at the camera as well!

Quick Book Builder

Quick Book Builder

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Wall Art

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