6 x 4.5 Mini Photo Book

      We've reinvented the brag book just for you!

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      • Approx. 6 x 4.5 inches (closed)
      • Image wrap custom front & back covers
      • 26 to 74 pages

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      6 x 4.5 Mini Photo Book

      Collect your most treasured photos into one handy little book !

      Product description

      Product description

      This book is perfect for everyone who likes to keep photos of their loved ones close by! It's also ideal for making keepsakes of parties or special events. Why not order an extra copy or two and share the joy?

      With up to 74 pages and and image wrap cover, you can add text wherever you want and you can make use of the large range of backgrounds, image masks and clipart to design the ultimate brag book.

      Product information

      Product information

      approx. 6 x 4.5 inches (closed)

      Cover & Paper Options:
      Fully customizable soft cover with digital print paper

      No. of Pages:
      26 to 74 pages


      You can judge a photo book by it's cover!

      Soft Cover

      Soft Cover

      Perfect binding methods (adhesive binding) for stability, plus a laminated soft cover for flexibility without compromising on durablilty.

      You can place text and photos anwhere on the front or back covers, and you can add a book title to the spine.

      Paper & Bindings

      High-quality paper for high-quality photo books!

      Perfect Binding - Soft Cover

      Perfect Binding - Soft Cover

      Laminated soft covers with perfect binding.

      Printed on 135 lb regular digital print paper.

      Available with 26-74 pages.


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      Mini Photo Books

      Life’s extraordinary moments can be shared in a small package. Our mini photo books are a convenient way to display childhood firsts, vacation highlights, party pics, anniversary toasts, and much more! The 6x4.5 Mini Photo Book travels with you in a purse or backpack. It’s the ideal brag book or grandparent gift. At SmileBooks, we offer options for telling your story in a full range of sizes, from pocket books to large photo albums. No matter what size of book you choose, you will receive a premium product backed by a truly fast turnaround. This makes creating and ordering a mini photo book for last minute gifts or special occasion mementos fast, easy and fun. With our Design Software, making a soft-cover, miniature book with quality photo paper is a wonderful way to collect treasured moments and capture images in time – all in a compact size.


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      Fill as many as 70-plus pages with your prized digital photos as you create a mini photo album. Though the layouts are on a smaller scale, you still have an array of
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      photos into one brag book or mark the first year of a marriage in smaller photo album. At SmileBooks, we ensure your personalized story is told creatively and beautifully,
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