16.5 x 12 Panorama Pro Photo Book

      Your fondest moments deserve the best!

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      • 15.5 x 12 image-wrap hard covers
      • 16.5 x 12 faux leather and premium linen covers
      • Lay-flat binding available

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      Panorama Pro Photo Book

      Your fondest memories deserve the best!

      Product description

      Product description

      This book is ideal for all of life's events which should be preserved for generations to come.

      Ideal for weddings, engagements, family reunions or that trip of a lifetime!

      The 16.5 x 12 inch leather or linen cover options are bound using the screw-post binding method, while the 15.5 x 12 image-wrap hard covers come in a choice of perfect binding.

      Product information

      Product information


      Hard Cover - approx. 15.5 x 12 inches (closed)

      Leather & Linen Covers - approx. 16.5 x 12 inches (closed)

      No. of pages:

      26 to 82 pages (lay-flat hard cover with photo paper)

      26 - 130 pages (leather/linen with regular digital print paper)

      26-154 pages (hard cover - regular digital print paper)

      26-98 pages (hard cover - glossy digital print paper)


      You can judge a photo book by it's cover!

      Faux Leather

      Faux Leather

      Available in brown or black faux leather, these luxurious covers will delight even the most discerning photo book enthusiast.

      A padded front cover and brass (for the brown cover) and silver (for the black cover) screw post binding ensure an elegant finish to your photo book. 

      Premium Linen

      Premium Linen

      Available in  a choice of silver or copper linen covers.

      The screw post binding with chrome screws for the silver linen cover, and brass screws for the copper linen cover, give this photo book a polished finish.

      Hard Cover

      Hard Cover

      The hard cover covers have an entirely customizable spine and front & back covers.

      The covers are printed, laminated and then glued to sturdy boards prior to being joined to the inner pages using the perfect binding method for regular and glossy digital print paper, and lay-flat binding for lustre and glossy photo paper.

      This cover combines the best of both worlds, unlimited creativity and elegant longevity.

      Paper & Bindings

      High-quality paper and bindings for high-quality photo books!

      Perfect Binding - Hard Cover

      Perfect Binding - Hard Cover

      Laminated hard covers with perfect binding.

      Printed on 135 lb digital print paper with a choice of regular finish or laminated glossy surface.

      Available with 26-98 pages for glossy paper and 26-154 pages for regular paper.

      Screw Post Binding - Leather and Linen Covers

      Screw Post Binding - Leather and Linen Covers

      With brass and chrome screws to match the color of the bindings (chrome for sliver linen / black faux leather and brass for copper linen / brown faux leather).

      The inner pages are printed on 170 lb thick regular-finish digital print paper.

      Available with 26-130 pages.

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      Each 8 additional pages $12.00      
      Video (stored for 3 years) $2.99      
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