Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on products, orders and services

1. I submitted my order. How long does it take until I will receive it?

The turn-around time including production and shipping is usually 6-10 business days from the time you order to the time you will receive your photo book(s) in the mail.

2. Do you offer overnight or express shipping?

We recommend to allow 6-10 business days for your order to arrive. This includes 3-5 business days for printing plus shipping time. If you are interested in overnight or express shipping, please send us an e-mail to We will check whether express shipping is available for your order and will give you an individual price quote for the expedited shipping. Please note that payment for express shipping is only possible via Paypal.

3. Can I change the shipping address once the order is submitted?

As long as your order hasn’t been shipped we can change the address to any other US mainland address except PO Boxes. Please send an e-mail including your order number and the new address to

4. Do you ship to countries outside of the USA?

Yes, at this time besides US mainland and APO addresses, we ship to Canada. Please not payment is in USD.

5. For how long can I reorder?

You can reorder on the SmileBooks website for six weeks after you placed your order from your account on After six weeks you can still reorder from your computer if you used the downloadable photo book desktop software as your projects are saved on your hard drive.

6. I tried to use a coupon code, but it didn’t work.

Most of our coupon codes are only valid for one time use only. Please make sure that you haven’t used your coupon before. Please also verify that you spelled the coupon code correctly. All coupon codes are one word and all letters need to be capitalized. If your coupon still doesn’t work, please send an e-mail to and include your coupon code, the percentage or dollar amount that it was issued for and where you got the coupon from.

7. What is the difference between regular and photo paper?

Our regular paper is professional digital printing paper with a lustre finish. The photo paper is about double as thick as the regular paper. Another advantage is that it automatically comes with lay-flat binding. The colors come out a little brighter than on our digital printing paper. Please check the photo book detail pages to which options are available. You can select the paper type before you start designing your photo book. In the software please click on the tabs on the very right called “on Lustre / Glossy Photo Paper“ . You can change the paper type later in the design process by clicking on “Paper Type” in the bottom left corner of your photo book screen.

8. How can I create a lay-flat photo book?

Once you open the downloadable photo book desktop software please click on the tabs on the very right called “on Lustre / Glossy Photo Paper“ to create one of our products printed on real photo paper. All photo books on real photo paper come with lay-flat binding. You can change the paper type later in the design process by clicking on “Paper Type” in the bottom left corner of your Photo book screen. Digital Print paper books cannot have lay-flat. They are always perfect bound.

9. Can I add less than 8 pages to my photo book?

No. You can only add sets of 8 pages. If you leave pages blank they will print white. We are not able to cut those white pages out, because all our printing processes are automated.

10. I submitted my order. Can I cancel it?

Once you submitted your order it cannot be cancelled, because all our production processes are automated.

11. I submitted my order. Can I make a change to it?

After you submitted your order it is not possible to make changes, because the production process is fully automated and we cannot interfere.

12. Where can I find the photo book prices?

For a complete list of all Photo book prices please click on the following link:

13. Where can I get the best SmileBooks discounts?

To find the best SmileBooks coupons please sign up for our newsletter subscription field in the footer down below.
Please also visit our special offers pages
We also publish special offers on Facebook ( and on Twitter (

14. How can I sign up for the photo book newsletter?

In the subscription field footer down below you can enter your email address and subscribe to the SmileBooks newsletter.

15. Does photo book have a Facebook fan page?

Yes. You can find it at

16. Does Photo book have a Twitter account?

Yes. You can find it at

17. Does SmileBooks have a partner program?

Yes. If you are interested in partnering with SmileBooks, please see or send an e-mail to

18. Does SmileBooks offer gift certificates?

No, we currently do not offer gift certificates.

19. Where can I enter my coupon code?

You can enter your coupon code once you start the order process from the shopping cart.

20. I designed a photo book on regular paper. Can I upgrade to real photo paper?

Yes, you can change the paper type if it is available for the photo book size that you are ordering. Just select the “Paper type” in the bottom left corner of your Photo book screen after opening your photo book project.

21. Is it possible to order the photo book that I created in different sizes?

Yes, you can change the photo book size to a different size in the same aspect ratio. For example you can change a Deluxe (12”x12”) photo book to a Medium (8”x8”) because they are both square shaped. Just click on “Change size” in the top left corner of your photo book screen after opening your photo book project. Save the photo book under a different name after you changed the size. Now you can add both sizes to the shopping cart.

22. Where can I download the SmileBooks design software?

You can download the SmileBooks Design software for free at

23. How do I download and install the Photo book software?

In order to download the Photo book software go to, click on the "Download Design Software" button. We will automatically detect your operating system (Win or Mac) and provide the software for your operating system.


You will have the choice of two download options: either you can save the software onto your hard drive and then install the software manually in a separate step or you can opt to simply have the installation take place automatically once the download has been completed.

a) Save software and opt for a manual installation process.
Save the software on your desktop. Start the installation process by double clicking on "downloaded file". Follow the Photo book Setup Assistant's instructions. Once the installation has successfully been completed you can start compiling your photo book.

b) Save software and opt for an automatic installation.
Click on "Open", in order to start the download process. The SmileBooks Design Software Setup Assistant will open automatically. Follow the directions. Once the installation has been successfully completed you can begin compiling your Photo book.


Just download the .zip File and unzip it. Then double click on the Photo book icon to launch the software.

24. What are the system requirements?

The Photo book photo book software is currently available in three different versions and supports the following operating systems:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000,
MAC OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher
When you start downloading the software our system will detect your operating system and provide the version for your operating system.

Windows (recommended for PC users)
Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
1 GHz-Processor and 512 MB RAM
120 MB free space on HDD for software files

Multitouch Version (Win7 only)
Operating systems: Windows 7
1 GHz-Processor and 512 MB RAM
120 MB free space on HDD for software files

Mac version:
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or higher
1 GHz-Processor and 512 MB RAM
120 MB free space on HDD for software files

25. Does the SmileBooks Design software cost anything?

No. The SmileBooks Design software is completely for free. You can download it at

26. How do I use the unique SmileBooks photo book assistant (intelligent Auto-fill and much more)?

A unique feature of the SmileBooks photo book software is our intelligent SmileBooks photo book assistant. The photo book assistant helps you select a cover type, backgrounds, layouts and images and compiles your individual photo book in seconds. 
After choosing the size of your photo book photo book the assistant will immediately open in a new window. Drag the images or folders into the assistant, choose the cover type, average number of images per page and the total number of pages of your photo book and click on "Create" and the assistant will create your photo book in no time.

27. What resolution should my pictures have?

The SmileBooks Design software has an automatic resolution-check built in. You can check if the resolution of your picture is high enough for print, by entering the image into the editor. You will see a smiley in the top menu bar. If the smiley is green, the resolution is high enough for print. If the smiley is yellow or red we recommend to resize the picture to smaller size until the smiley turns green. If the resolution is way too low, a warning triangle will be presented on the image. The warning triangle however will not be printed.

28. What color space should I use for my pictures?

Please make sure that your pictures are using the sRGB color space. That is what most cameras are using by default.

29. I edited my pictures in photoshop or a different photo editing software already. Should I turn the automatic image correction off?

Yes, please turn the automatic image correction off, if you already edited your pictures in a different software.

30. I designed my own layouts in photoshop or a different photo editing software. What exact dimensions should my pages have?

Please allow a 0.2 to 0.3 inch bleed area on each side. Make sure that you enter your designs as backgrounds, because otherwise white borders can occur.

In the downloadable Photo book software please right-click on your design and go to "More image options" and select "Use as background image".
In the Smilebooks fast online book builder right-right click on your design and select "As background" and then select from the list whether you want to use the image as background on the right, left or both pages.
For the exact dimensions in pixels for each photo book size please contact

31. Does SmileBooks offer a Mac software?

Yes, SmileBooks offers a Mac software. You can download it for free under the following link:

32. How can I get the SmileBooks software for professional photographers? Does it cost anything?

The SmileBooks software for professional photographers is free. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to

33. Can I save my photo book on a CD, DVD or external hard drive?

If you are using the downloadable software you can save your photo book anywhere you want. Just click on the "Save As" button at the bottom of your Photo book screen. It looks like a disk with a little yellow star on it. Once you clicked this button, you can browse for the location where you want to save your project. 

34. Will I lose my photo book when I run an update or reinstall the software?

No, you won´t lose your photo books when you run an update or reinstall the software. Please make sure that you know the location where you saved your photo books on your hard drive, before you uninstall your software. Please note that the SmileBooks Design software automatically creates the following 3 files when it saves your photo books. You need to keep all these files:

1. A *.mcf file
2. A folder with all the pictures from your book
3. A back-up file of your *.mcf file. You can recognize it by the ending ~. (*.mcf~)

35. How can I order a lay-flat photo book?

The lay-flat option automatically comes with our photo books printed on real photo paper. We do not offer the lay-flat option for our photo books printed on the regular digital printing paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Design Service

1. Why should I choose the SmileBooks photo book design service?

A photo book is a story. Your story. It is an important story to tell and doing it well takes time and story-telling skill. Many people don´t have the time it takes to create a high quality book, and even of those that do, the majority lack the true ability to tell the story well. Our design service is ideal for people who want a professionally designed product but who either don´t have the time or the skills to create one by them self. We all love eating good food but aren´t necessarily the best cooks!
Designing a classy photo book requires more than just time. It requires skill in album layout, optimization of your photos, background selection, photo selection, color balancing and most importantly story telling.
We want you to enjoy taking pictures and let our experienced designers create an emotionally compelling photo book for you. All you have to do is choose a design style and our designers will work with you in creating your master piece. The best part of our service is that you are always in control: you get to review the photo book online and provide us feedback to make changes.

2. How much extra does the design service cost?

The design fee per page is $0.39. The personalized photo book service starts at $10.00 (26 x $0.39) for a 26 page photo book (with 50 to 100 photos). This design cost is added to the price of printing the photo book which starts at $19.99. So, a 26 page Photo book using the service would cost about $19.99. This price includes the first design and up to 3 further edits based on your feedback.
If you value an expert´s skill in designing artistic photo books and you would like to save time, we are the best service available in the market.

3. How do I make sure my designer uses the design I like best?

We have a unique and compelling "Style Board process" wherein you choose a design style that best fits the story you want told. Our master photo book designer will take your inputs as inspiration and create a completely unique photo book, customized just for you. We have 13 primary design styles and many moods within each style.

4. Do I get to review my Photo book and make changes?

Absolutely! Our philosophy is to work with you in telling your story. We will design the photo book and show it you online.
You can then provide comments and feedback to make changes. You are always in control of the final product.

5. I have hundreds of digital photos, can you help me select the best photos? How would you choose for me?

Our designers have told hundreds of stories. You simply need to tell us just a little bit about your story. Our experienced designers and story tellers have been specially trained to choose the best photos. We focus on creating a storyline that seamlessly flows from the first to last page while capturing the best emotions. Some of the selection criteria we use are:

* Emotions expressed in the photo; we like to see shining happy people
* We choose photos that best fit the story board. Every page that you turn has to make sense, like the scenes in a movie
* We don´t use duplicates unless we can tell a motion story
* The quality of photo (brightness, focus, shadow detail etc)

Again, the best part is you are always in control. You will get a chance to review our selections and make changes if needed. For only $5.00 you can also choose the optional “selection service”. Upload as many images, select the number of pages and our designers take the time consuming burden of selecting the best images for your photo book.

6. How long does the process take?

Within 3 business days of sending us your photos, your customized photo book will be ready for your online review and feedback.
Once you approve the final photo book, you will receive it in 8-10 days (we need time for printing and shipping).

7. Can I provide captions for the various pages? If yes, when do I do this?

Yes, you can provide captions and notes for the pages in your photo book. When we have finished the first design draft for your review online, you can enter your personalized text for each page. We will lay it out with a font that matches the design spirit.

8. Can I order multiple copies of my Photo book? How?

After we have designed your Photo book, you get a chance to review the photo book online. At that time, you can order multiple copies. We assure you that the finished photo book will be a beautiful representation of your story and you will be able to buy as many copies of the book as you like. They will make great gifts. And you only pay for the design fee once.

9. What if I don't like the design?

After the designer completes the book, you will be able to review it online. During your review, if you feel that the design of the book is not what you want, you can easily provide comments through the online tool in a very simple and straight forward manner. Your comments will be reviewed by your designer, who will then modify your book accordingly. Within 3 working days, you will be able to review the modified design online.

10. What if I forgot to upload some photos and need to add them later?

During the review process you can upload additional photos. Our designers will make the changes and send you a new version for review.

11. Can I upload additional photos after I review the first version of the design?

Yes you can. Please upload the photos during the review process of your photo book. Our designers will make the changes and send you a new version for review.

12. How much time do I have to review the book?

You will receive an email once the book has been designed and placed online. You will then have seven days to review the book. We want you to review the book when the idea for the story is fresh in your mind. Therefore, we encourage all our customers to review their book as soon as it is finished by our designers.

13. How many revisions can I have on the design?

Over 95% of our customers are ecstatic about the results after the first design iteration and simply add captions and purchase. In the event you would like to iterate on the design, we will be more than happy to work with you to get the book right. Our designers will redesign your book on the basis of the feedback and comments provided by you. However, after thousands of books, our experience tells us that if we are not able to match your expectation in 3 design iterations, then we are not the best service for your photo book design. You can cancel your order at any time.

14. How long does it take for each revision?

Each revision based upon your input will take 3 working days until you can review the modified book.

15. How long does it take to receive the book once I check out?

Once you have approved the design of the photo book and have checked-out online, the book is sent to the printer. You will then receive it 8-10 days later.

16. Once I have submitted a redesign request, can I edit or add my comments?

No, once you have submitted the book for redesign, you cannot give anymore comments for that version of the book. However, you will be given a chance to make additional comments once the redesign comes back.

17. Can I change the number of pages or photos in the book?

You can easily reduce the number of pages during the review process. You can also easily modify the length of the book by requesting changes to the number of images used per page. For instance, two images per page with 100 images equals a fifty page book. With the same number of photos, you can request four images per page to be used and reduce the book to the lower limit of 26 pages. If you have provided a lot of photos and there are many left over not used in the design, then you can simply request the designer to add more photos and this will lengthen the book. The best books are usually about 45 pages in length but you are ultimately in control as long as the book contains the minimum of 26 pages.

18. Can I get several copies of the same book shipped to different addresses?

No. At present, all your photo books will be sent to the shipping address which you provide at the time of checkout.

19. Can I have the same book printed in different sizes or with different covers?

No, sorry, we do not have this feature.

20. Can I share the final digital design on Facebook with my friends?

Yes, this is possible. Once you have purchased your book you will be able to share it.

21. Can I upload pictures from my Picasa account or my Flickr account?

This is currently not possible. You can only upload photos from your local computer.

22. Where do I enter my discount code?

You can enter the discount when you are selecting the type and size of photo book or in the shopping cart at the time of checkout.

23. How do I cancel my order? How long to I have to cancel?

You can cancel your order at any time up to the time you check out and pay with your credit card. If you have problems with the book after it is received, simply contact our customer service department at Your complete satisfaction is very important to us.

24. What if I have a unique event and can´t find a Style design that fits?

In our Events and Category selections, we have covered the most popular events such as vacations, weddings, birthdays, etc. However, if you do not find a Style and Mood that matches your event, you can simply do the following: 
1) choose one that is the closest match, or even the other category, and something matching your event, 
2) then provide as much detail as you can in the special instructions section. 
This will help us make your photo book design very specific to your event. And remember, you will always be able to provide comments during the review process and request changes.

25. Not all of my digital photos are in the JPEG format, what do I do?

You can only upload JPEG formatted images in our service. You can convert other file formats to JPEG quite easily through any number of tools. Your best bet is to research the methods available on the web.

26. How big a file can I upload? Can the files be any size?

The JPEG files you upload must be at least 100KB in size and cannot exceed 7MB.

27. I could not upload images due to some technical issue, what do I do?

Please try again. If you have tried several times and the uploading process isn’t working then the issue is most likely with your machine or your internet connection. You can contact our customer service team at any time with questions as well.

28. How do I find out the status of my order?

Simply log-in to your account to check your order status.

29. Can I order additional copies of the book after I have checked out?

Yes. You can order additional copies at any time, but you will need your original order ID.