How does the SmileBooks Affiliate Program work?

We are working with the independent affiliate service ShareASale. ShareASale is the trusted service of a network of over 2,500 merchants and 70,000 affiliates. By using this independent provider you can be sure that your sales will be tracked properly and that your commission will be paid honestly and on time. Signing up as an Affiliate on ShareASale is easy and free. Once you joined ShareASale you can apply to our partner program which also costs nothing. We will usually approve you within one business day. After you become a SmileBooks affiliate, you can place banners and text links on your website. When your visitors click on these banners or text links, ShareASale tracks them for 180 days. You will be credited 10% on all orders that this visitor places within the next 180 days. At the end of each month, ShareASale sends you a check for the entire amount of revenue share you have earned in the previous month once you have reached a $50 threshold.

How do I become an affiliate of SmileBooks?

You can join the SmileBooks partner community at

Are there any fees or costs associate with becoming an affiliate of SmileBooks?

No. There is no charge to join the SmileBooks affiliate program.

How much commission will I receive?

SmileBooks offers a 10% commission with increased commissions offered for exceptional performance.

Are higher commissions available for especially high performance affiliates?

Yes, especially high performing affiliates enjoy higher revenue share and other exclusive benefits. If you are an existing customer and believe you qualify, please contact us at

How often do I get paid from ShareASale?

Share a Sale will payout your commissions each month via check or Direct Deposit into a US bank account of your choice on the 20th of each month once your account has reached a credit of US$50 before the end of the previous month.

Who can become a SmileBooks?

Any website operator that operates a family friendly website is eligible to join the SmileBooks Affiliate Program.

Can websites outside of the U.S. become affiliate partners?

We only ship to the mainland US and therefore only work with partners who operate websites targeted to the US market.

What is the average order amount?

SmileBooks average order amount is $70.

Can I place SmileBooks links and banners anywhere on my website?

Yes, we encourage you to think of the best positions that a potential SmileBooks customer would find appealing on your website to get the most commission.

How many SmileBooks links and banners can I place on my website?

There is no limit, and we encourage you to use as many as necessary and appropriate to improve click-throughs and conversion. We have found that a creative banner along with a text link or SmileBooks logo improves effectiveness.

Can I use SmileBooks photos and content from the SmileBooks websites?

The entire SmileBooks website and content are protected by copyright. You may use images and content from our websites in the promotion of our products on your own website, however all images must be used in the sale of the product through the affiliate program and attributed to us. If you have a special circumstance that requires the use of any photos, product images or content in a manner that is not consistent with the above, you must contact us for written approval prior to use of any such content.

What sales and revenue reports does ShareASale provide?

Each transaction is tracked by ShareASale servers. ShareASale also keeps aggregate statistics on the number of hits, leads and sales. The best reports for affiliates are found here &

On what products do I earn a commission as an affiliate?

There are no limitations or restrictions on what SmileBooks products can be sold through our affiliate program, AND there are no limits on the amount of commission you can earn as an affiliate.

How do you treat product returns of affiliate sales?

If an order is damaged due to a production error or damaged in transit, SmileBooks will replace the product at no cost for the customer. This will have no effect on your commission.

Does SmileBooks have a dedicated program manager to contact for more questions?

Yes, if you have any questions please contact for support and suggestions on how to improve your affiliate performance.