Poster Collage

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      • Digital print on matte photo paper
      • Long-lasting light fastness
      • Huge variety of design templates

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      Poster Collage

      Particularly decorative: Your individually designed poster collage

      Product details

      Product details

      Create a personal splash of color in any room with a collage poster of your own design!

      Turn your best photos and our great design and collage templates into large-format decorative images in a flash. Simply choose the layout you prefer and insert your photos any way you like.

      Also makes an ideal present for friends and relatives.

      Our tip: Scan things like your airline tickets for holiday posters. That will make your poster collage even more creative!

      Product information

      Product information

      Digital print on matte photo paper

      Modern design and collage templates

      12 x 8 inches
      12 x 18 inches
      16 x 24 inches
      20 x 32 inches

      Recommended resolution:
      Depends on the design or collage template selected

      Size Overview

      Choose the size for your poster collage.

      2 : 3 - Classic Aspect Ratio

      Format 2:3
      vertical divider


      The classic aspect ratio is ideal for family or wedding portraits.


      Size Recommended Resolution
      in inches
      in MPx in Pixel
      8 x 12
      2.1 1200 x 1800
      12 x 18
      1800 x 2700
      16 x 24
      6.0 2000 x 3000
      20 x 30
      9.3 2500 x 3750

      Stock Gallery

      Over 21 million stock photos to choose from

      Product details

      Product details

      We have a selection of eye-catching images from all around the world to brighten up your home – from animals to architecture, sunrises to cityscapes.

      Select the perfect picture for your room from our extensive collection of over 21 million stock photos, which we will then print onto your wall art of choice: choose from a poster, XXL poster, canvas, aluminium, acrylic or acrylic-aluminum wall art.

      Remember, you always have the possibility to add a photo of your own, but with our selection of professional photos the options for your wall art really are endless!

      New: Browse our stock gallery either by category or search by using your own keywords.


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      8x12 Poster Collage $3.99 $4.99 $1.00 6-10 business days
      Stock Gallery $14.99      
      12x18 Poster Collage $8.99 $4.99 $1.00 6-10 business days
      Stock Gallery $22.99      
      16x24 Poster Collage $12.99 $6.99 $1.00 6-10 business days
      Stock Gallery $29.99      
      20x30 Poster Collage $16.99 $6.99 $1.00 6-10 business days
      Stock Gallery $37.99      
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      ² Additional delivery charge per additional item.
      All prices exclude sales tax.

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