Acrylic Wall Art

      Watch your photos come to life on acrylic glass

      starting at $ 69.99 *

      • up to 0.40 inches thick acrylic glass
      • Brilliant colors and long-lasting light fastness
      • High quality photo paper

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      Acrylic Wall Art

      Create your own personal work of art with brilliant and vibrant colors!

      Product details

      Product details

      Your photo will be printed to the highest quality and with brilliant and vibrant colors onto photo paper and is then mounted behind acrylic glass. Create fantastic works of art from your own photos at the snap of your fingers.

      Polished edges and the 0.20 - 0.40 inches thick acrylic glass give your master piece this unique look. The brilliant colors and the depth effect really come into their own. You’ll be amazed!

      In order to hang your acrylic print, we will automatically provide you with durable metal hangers that stick on the back of the acrylic print.

      Choose from our large variety of design templates to create a really stunning piece of wall art.

      Product information

      Product information

      Photo print mounted behind acrylic glass. The two smaller sizes are mounted behind 0.20 inches thick acrylic glass, the larger sizes behind 0.40 inches thick acrylic glass.

      8 x 12 inches (comes with 2.7 inches metal hangers)
      12 x 18 inches (comes with 2.7 inches metal hangers)
      16 x 24 inches (comes with 4.0 inches metal hangers)
      20 x 30 inches (comes with 4.0 inches metal hangers)

      Recommended resolution:
      for 8 x 12 inches: 1000 x 1500 pixel (1.5 megapixel)
      for 12 x 18 inches: 1500 x 2250 pixel (3.3 megapixel)
      for 16 x 24 inches: 2000 x 3000 pixel (6.0 megapixel)
      for 20 x 30 inches: 2500 x 3750 pixel (7.3 megapixel)

      Size Overview

      Our acrylic wall art comes in various sizes.

      2 : 3 - Classic Aspect Ratio

      Format 2:3
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      Size Recommended Resolution
      in inches in MPx in Pixel
      8 x 12 1.5 1000 x 1500
      12 x 18 3.3 1500 x 2250
      16 x 24 6.0 2000 x 3000
      20 x 30 7.3 2500 x 3750


      Stock Gallery

      Choose from more than 21 million stock photos

      Product details

      Product details

      We have a selection of eye-catching images from all around the world to brighten up your home – the limitation is your imagination.

      Select the perfect photo for your personal wall art from our extensive range of over 21 million stock photos. Instead of your own photo we will print the stock photo onto your wall art of choice.

      Remember, you always have the possibility to add a your own photo(s), but with our selection of professional photos the options for your wall art really are endless!

      New: You can browse the gallery either by category or use keywords for your search.

      Rail System

      attached to larger aluminum and acrylic-aluminum wall art

      Rail system

      Rail system

      All your wall art products include a professional hanging system. The 16 x 24 inches and 20 x30 inches aluminum and acrylic-aluminum wall art products come with a professional rail system fixed on the back, as used in many galleries.

      The distance from the wall is approx. 1 inch and your picture will appear to float in front of it (the wall attachment is not visible when you look at the picture).

      Metal Hangers

      our standard hanging system for most wall art

      Metal hangers

      Metal hangers

      Self-adhesive metal hangers are already attached to all metal, all acrylic and the smaller aluminum and acrylic-aluminum wall art. 2.7 inches metal hangers are used for size 8 x 12 and 12 x 18 inches. We attach 4.0 inches metal hangers onto the back of the 16 x 24 and 20 x 30 inches metal and acrylic wall art. 

      Distance to the wall is 0.40 inches. The wall art looks as if it is floating in front of the wall. The metal hangers are not visible to the viewer.

      Hanging systems at a glance

      Hanging systems at a glance

      On the left-hand side you can see all hanging systems at a glance. All our hanging systems are designed for quick and easy installation in your home.

      Please note: The system A (screws) is currently not available.

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      Product Price Delivery costs¹ Additional item charge² Delivery time
      Acrylic Wall Art 8x12 in $69.99 $11.99 $7.00 9-12 business days
      Stock Gallery $14.99      
      Acrylic Wall Art 12x18 in. $99.99 $13.99 $7.00 9-12 business days
      Stock Gallery $22.99      
      Acrylic Wall Art 16x24 in. $129.99 $15.99 $7.00 9-12 business days
      Stock Gallery $29.99      
      Acrylic Wall Art 20x30 in. $169.99 $19.99 $7.00 9-12 business days
      Stock Gallery $37.99      
      ¹ When ordering from one or more product groups, only the highest delivery cost will be charged.
      ² Additional delivery charge per additional item.
      All prices exclude sales tax.

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