Digital Photography Tips

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Digital Photography Tips

They say a picture is only as good as the person who takes it. That's why these digital photography tips are here…to help you become a better photographer. SmileBooks can help you create a beautiful photo book of your favorite memories…but it's up to you to take great photos. Start here with our basic digital photo tips. Practice these digital photo tips often and enjoy the hunt for the best shots.

Digital Photography Tip #1

Understand your camera – This digital photo tip is the most important one we can offer you. Each camera has its own unique features and benefits. Understand them and you're on your way to better photos. Learn how to control the shutter speed, adjust the aperture and play with exposures.

Digital Photography Tip #2

Focus on the image – Use the optical viewfinder rather than the electronic one to actually see the exact image you will be capturing. When you've got the shot you want, push the shutter button only half way down, then when the camera has completely focused the shot, complete pressing. This digital photo tip may seem odd, but since digital cameras usually take a bit longer than a film camera to focus, this technique cuts down on blurry and out of focus shots.

Digital Photography Tip #3

Let the Picture Tell the Story – Decide what you want the picture to say. Don't take a picture of a crowd when you really want to capture one person's expression. Try and eliminate anything extraneous and distracting from the image you really want to get.

Digital Photography Tip #4

Alter the View – Taking a picture head-on is fine, but by altering your view, changing the vantage point, you can get a whole new perspective on any shot. Think about lying on the ground and aiming up, for an entirely different view. Take digital photos from different angles to add a whole new dimension.

Digital Photography Tip #5

Put Some Light on the Subject – Needless to say, natural light is always best. But, when you there just isn't enough light, and you have to rely on your digital camera's flash, remember this tip...the flash will usually illuminate things that are only 10 to 15 feet away. Be sure to get close enough to capture the image you want and bathe it in the light it needs.

Digital Photography Tip #6

Think Tic Tac Toe – Imagine a tic tac toe board which has two horizontal lines intersected with two verticals of the same size. Line up your shot with either of the two imaginary horizontal lines and match up the subject of your shot with one of the two verticals. When you align your shot using this "rule of thirds" you will create more visually pleasing images.

Digital Photography Tip #7

Once is Not Enough – The great thing about a digital camera is that you can easily review each picture you take. Never rely on taking just one shot unless you are going to look at it first to make sure you got exactly what you were looking for.

Digital Photo Tips for Perfect Pics

The digital photo tips provided above are really quite basic. Always remember to check your camera's memory card to be sure you have room for more photos. Erase the ones you don't want or download them to your computer for safe keeping until you're ready to use them to create a SmileBooks photo book.

When you use SmileBooks software you can touch up any photo that's "less than perfect." Recrop it, remove red eye, rotate the photo to make it look straighter, enhance the colors and more. Capture the best pictures with our digital photo tips and preserve them forever in a SmileBooks photo book. Download SmileBooks free software to get started today.

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