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Innovative CEWE PHOTOBOOK Software for Windows 7

CeWe Color and Microsoft proudly present an innovative photo service for the new Windows 7 operating system.

Oldenburg, Germany (PRWEB) November 5, 2009 -- CeWe Color and Microsoft proudly present an innovative photo service for the new Windows 7 operating system. The world's largest software producer and Europe's leading photo service company are setting new standards in the design of digital photo products with groundbreaking design innovations. Windows Vista had already been provided with a CeWe Color photo book builder and now the new Windows 7 operating system benefits from an even more compelling and technically advanced application, namely the multi award-winning CEWE PHOTOBOOK software which is available in the USA under the brand name SmileBooks. In addition to integrating the design software into the new task bar, the software now offers the option of using a multi-touch screen to design photo books intuitively and conveniently with fingertip navigation.

Strong cooperation

Microsoft and CeWe Color are opening up a new chapter in their cooperation with the aim of crowning their achievements by intuitively converting the visual experiences offered by digital photography into photo products. Dr. Reiner Fageth, Director with CeWe Color Holding AG in charge of technology and research and development, sums it up, "With Microsoft and CeWe Color, the two strongest companies in their particular fields are getting together. We are united in our endeavour to provide our customers with innovative, creative products on the basis of intuitive technological solutions." The nomination of CeWe Color as a "Partner of the Year-Finalist 2008" shows just how effective this collaboration with Microsoft is. Indeed, CeWe was among the final three candidates, in which the design software bearing the title "Special Recognition" was acknowledged,. In extending this cooperation with Microsoft, CeWe Color is, as always, leading the way.

Ground-breaking software application The CEWE PHOTOBOOK/SmileBooks software for Windows 7 is a worldwide innovation in photofinishing design software. For the first time ever, photo books can be designed with the help of a multi-touch screen. Windows 7 users do not need to compromise on any of the design functionalities already known to users of this multi award-winning software. Photos can be enhanced by use of selected layouts, a large range of image frames, cliparts and background templates which can be accessed by means of fingertip navigation. Images can be rotated, scaled, overlapped, individually moved around and provided with texts. The software has an intuitive solution to every design need. Windows 7 users can simply download a demo of the free software at SmileBooks Windows 7 and immediately experience the new world of photo book design.

The focus is on the CEWE PHOTOBOOK/SmileBooks

More than anything else, CEWE PHOTOBOOK/SmileBooks innovations have made CeWe Color a pioneer and industry leader for personalised photo products. According to the German Federal Association of Industrial Photographic Laboratories (BGL), sales figures in Germany jumped from 1.3 million in 2006 to more than 4.4 million photo books in 2008. The driving product in this development has always been the CEWE PHOTOBOOKS/SmileBooks. 500,000 books sold in 2006 were matched by as many as more than 2.6 million books in 2008. An end to this trend is not in sight despite the current economic crisis. CeWe Color estimates that sales will continue to increase this year to 3.5 million CEWE PHOTOBOOKS/SmileBooks.

Technological shift successfully mastered

The success of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK/SmileBooks is the result of the unprecedented shift in technology in the photographic industry and is mainly based on the huge popularity of digital cameras. CeWe Color has addressed this transition more than any other company in the industry, successfully completing comprehensive restructuring measures this year. Since the late 1990s, CeWe Color has invested a total of more than 250 million Euros in the process of transformation to become a digital print service provider. As early as in 1997 the company was the first photofinisher in the world to set up a kiosk capable of collecting digital photo orders in a retail store as well as a website where orders could be placed. The company now operates almost 50 digital printers at its 13 production plants and supplies its photo products in 24 European countries and the US.

Jury members' favourite

Numerous test firsts, which CeWe Color has mainly achieved with its best-selling software, are proof that the company has successfully mastered the digital challenges. This year alone, distinguished international awards such as the recent test first with German consumer foundation, Stiftung Warentest and CeWe has also reached the final round of the 2009 Druck&Medien Award which will be presented on the 29th October 2009. The internationally renowned EISA Award for 2009/2010 also went to the CEWE PHOTOBOOK/SmileBooks. The advantages of the software and the first-class quality of the workmanship of our photo books are always a guarantee for these awards. More information on CeWe Color is available at CeWe Color. A demo of the new software version can be downloaded free at SmileBooks Windows 7.

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