What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?


  • SmileBooks are printed on 135 lb digital print paper, which is much thicker than the standard 100 lb paper used by most of our competitors.
  • SmileBooks are professionally bound using industrial book binding processes and will last a lifetime. Our range of customizable bindings caters to all tastes and budgets.
  • SmileBooks come in a wide range of cover types, apart from stylish linen and faux leather, we also offer hard and softcover books which enable the consumer to design the entire front and back cover. The book jackets supplied by some competitors can be easily damaged and are no match for our sturdy bindings.


  • SmileBooks software has won multiple awards (TIPA award, Microsoft ISV Award, etc.) and is recognized internationally as the most creative photo book software on the market.
  • SmileBooks software, once it has been downloaded, only requires you to connect to the Internet at the time of placing an order. This means you can create your book anywhere, any time, using the selection of more than 400 backgrounds and over 170 layouts.
  • SmileBooks software lets you customize every aspect of your photo book. The revolutionary SmileBooks Assistant enables you to create photo books within seconds. Or, you can spend hours compiling a personalized masterpiece on your own. The choice is yours!


  • SmileBooks come with a distinguished pedigree and enjoy global appeal and success.
  • SmileBooks parent company, CeWe Color, has over 40 years experience in the wholesale photofinishing business and millions of European trust CeWe when it comes to printing their images.
  • SmileBooks customers range from professional photographers to photofans wanting to capture their most precious memories on paper.

    We are there for all of your major milestones
    • from birth to your first day of school
    • from prom night to spring break
    • from your first tour of duty to the sweet welcome home
    • from your wedding day to your silver wedding anniversary

Your life. Your memories. Your SmileBooks.

Download this document: Press Room - Differentiators (PDF)

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