Permanent Memories

SmileBooks are a new, fun and easy way to create and share life's moments in a beautiful, personalized photo album in as few as three simple steps.

From birthdays to holidays, vacations to brag books, SmileBooks transform an individual´s most prized memories into professional-quality albums made for sharing with friends and family.

You can easily create a SmileBook by visiting and downloading the free software. Whether on a plane, at home or on a road trip, users can safely and securely work on their SmileBooks wherever they go. Once the software is downloaded, users can stretch their imagination and create their own permanent memories from their most prized digital photos.

SmileBooks goes beyond the traditional photo booking options to offer each user unlimited opportunities to personalize every page, use our templates and ideas, or create their own.

  • In as few as three steps, the first SmileBook is created. By simply clicking and dragging a folder into the photo album window, the SmileBooks Assistant automatically arranges selected photos by date (or other sorting criteria) to produce a first draft. It can be used as it is, or changed in any way to create the perfect professional quality photo book.
  • Personalize backgrounds from our collection or choose one of your own photos to create a single- or double-page spread. You can even use your photo for the cover!
  • Add text anywhere on the page, even on top of a photo. Write poems, insert titles, quotes or other text. You can even personalize the spine of the book – the possibilities are endless!
  • If assistance or additional ideas are needed, users can simply refer to our FAQ section or get inspiration from the thousands of ideas on our Web site .
  • With the click of the mouse, users can easily correct red eye, change the color of any picture (sepia, black & white, etc.), resize, create 3-D style images, crop and/or enhance any digital photo.

Using the most advanced printing technology, a professionally produced SmileBook is bound to please.

 Download this document: Press Room - Backgrounder (PDF)

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