Baseball Cap

      Keep cool in a personalized cap made of cotton!

      $ 19.95 *

      • Your photo, caption or design on the front
      • Great gift idea
      • One size fits all

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      Baseball Cap

      Keep cool with a personalized cap made of cotton!

      Product description

      Product description

      Whether on the golf course, watching a soccer game or just relaxing on the beach; baseball caps are a firm favorite and now you can created a custom one of your own!

      By adding a photo, a witty caption or a eye-catching design, you can create a fun gift which is also practical.

      The 100% cotton baseball cap is washable in cold water and can be adjusted to fit all sizes.

      Product information

      Product information

      Printable area:
      2.5 x 1.7 inches

      Recommended resolution:
      496 x 339 pixels

      100% white cotton

      One size fits all

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