Personalized Baby Bib

      An Adorable Custom Baby Bib With Photo

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      • Generous 9.6 x 12 inches in size
      • Especially absorbant
      • Add photos, text and designs

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      Baby Bib

      So sweet!

      Product description

      Product description

      This baby bib will add a touch of glamour to the dinner table. Customize the front with a photo of your child's favorite toy, pet or aunt. Add text or designs for a truly personal touch!

      The bib is especially absorbant and is made from 100% polyester. It's washable in cold water.

      Product information

      Product information

      Printable area:
      7.1 x 4.7 inches

      Recommended resolution:
      1417 x 945 pixels

      100% polyester with ribbon ties, washable in cold water

      9.6 x 12 inches

      White with a yellow border

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      Canvas bag $9.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Baby Bib (Yellow) $14.99 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      T-Shirt $15.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Pillow Case $17.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Baseball Cap $19.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      BBQ Apron $19.95 $5.99 $2.00 7-10 business days
      Sweatshirt $22.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Pillow with pillow case $24.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
      Design upgrade $1.99      
      Small Shoulder Bag $24.95 $5.99 $2.00 6-10 business days
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        Personalized Baby Bib

        An Adorable Custom Baby Bib With Photo
        This personalized baby bib will make your little rascal look twice as sweet!
        With SmileBooks, you can easily create this adorable photo bib and make
        a thoughtful gift any new parent or grandparent would love.
        Our white bib is especially absorbent and has two yellow tie ribbons.
        This cute custom bib is 100% polyester and soft on your baby's skin.
        Machine washable in cold water.