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Halloween Photo Books

Create a Spook-tacular Photo Book!

 Here are some tips for creating fun Halloween photo books for all your boo-tiful memories!

Pumpkin picking memories. Take your camera with you when you go out searching for the perfect pumpkin. Take photos of how that normal looking pumpkin transforms into a spooky monster, when you scoop it out and carve it. Don't forget the candles, so it looks even creepier at night placed in front of the house door.


Perfect for Halloween Memories!

Strike a pose in costume. For children, getting dressed up is so much fun. Take photographs of costume shopping to document the memories of picking the perfect outfit.


Take photos of your children putting on their Halloween makeup. You could take "Before" and "After" photos and place them on a double spread of your Halloween photo album.


Trick or Treat pictures. Of course the highlight of every Halloween is to go through the neighborhood streets and knock on the doors with the sentence "Trick or Treat!“ Keep your camera ready when the kids get their sweets and watch how their smiles and eyes get bigger and bigger with every piece of candy.


Try to use a faster shutter speed. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get a non-blurry photo when it's dark outside. Try to use a faster shutter speed. You could use a tripod as well. When the camera stands still, the chance of getting a blurry photo will be very small.


• Having a party? Take photos of everything from start to finish, from the decorations to your dress. Take photos of all the attendees in costume. You will laugh at the funny costumes every time you look at your Halloween photo book. Have a spooktastic time!