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Grandparents' Day Photo Book Ideas

A Truly Great Gift

Grandparents' Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. Acknowledge these special people in your life with a Grandparents' Day photo book! Filled with photos, messages and drawings, a Grandparents' Day photo gift would make a perfect present for any grandma or grandpa. And with SmileBooks, it is so easy to create!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Photo Gift for Grandparents

Design a Grandparents' Day photo book with our easy to use software or online book builder. You can choose any size and cover you want. If you are collaborating with others, just make sure you have enough pages to allocate at least one for each person involved in the project, although a double-paged spread would be ideal!


Use photos taken throughout the year and old favorites too. Place each photo in the middle of the page and leave the page white or add a monochrome background to the page. You could also scan drawings or notes made by the youngest members of the family and add them to the book as full page bleeds.


Once you have the printed photo book, use marker pens to add personal messages and doodles on each page. Our paper is high quality and the marker pen will not smudge, although ballpoint pens will.


Go beyond the family members. Ask your grandparents' friends if they’d also like to join in the fun. You can even ask people grandma and grandpa meet regularly like the shop owner and the doctor. Get messages from old school friends of them and the surprise will be huge!