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Graduation Photo Book

Tips on How to Make a Memorable Graduation Photo Album

School is over and you're going to get your high school or college diploma. Here are some tips to help you create your perfect graduation photo book so that you’ll be able to relive your school-day memories for many years to come!


On the day of your graduation, take as many pictures as you can of your friends and classmates. Ask a family member to take photos when you are on stage collecting your diploma and shaking hands with school officials.


Take photos of the teachers who have taught you over the years. When you look at them in years to come, you’ll associate so many memories with them -- even of that math teacher you didn’t get along with. When you put your graduation photo album together make sure to add in text and tell the stories of memorable classroom moments.


Don´t forget to take some photos of you, your family and the school itself. Ask a friend to take a few. Your family is just as proud of your achievement as you are. Before you leave the school forever, take some pictures of the school campus, the classrooms, the hallways, the sports field and the cafeteria. You might want to remember where you enjoyed unappetizing meals, or where you hid when you were supposed to be on the sports field.


Don´t forget the many friends you made and all the fun times you had together. Add some "after school“photos of you and your friends in your photo book to remember that your school years were a beautiful and happy time both inside and outside of the classroom.


Leave the last few pages blank so that friends and classmates can write messages, add doodles, etc.. Even though you may all be going to different schools or cities in the future, reading their words will make them seem so much closer. Just remember to use Sharpies to write on the coated surface of the pages on your graduation photo book, otherwise the ink might smudge.


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