Make a Wish!

Yet another year has passed and it’s time to add another candle to your birthday cake! Create your very own customized birthday photo book with photos of your birthday party with your friends and the whole family. Don’t forget that this special day is all about you!

 Start taking photos during the planning stage of your party. Take your camera with you when you go shopping for important items like food, decorations, flowers & party favours. It’s also a good idea to take photos while you’re decorating and finishing the party venue.


A Birthday Book Forever to Cherish

Keep your camera ready when the first guests arrive with their gifts! Ask someone to take photos of you unwrapping your presents. You can never take too many photos, after all you only get to celebrate once a year and these are memories that you’ll enjoy looking back on when paging through your self-made birthday photo book.

 Another idea would be to create a photo book well in advance of your party. Include photos off all the invited guests and leave enough space for them to write personal notes during or after your birthday party - great guest book!

 A birthday photo book also can be a gift to the birthday girl or boy. Take pictures of the party and when they open all their presents. Put these photos into a well designed photo book and you’ll be able to present them with the perfect reminder of a wonderful day filled with joy. Or you can create a photo book with photos of everything the birthday girl or boy likes. This could be photos of hobbies like horseback riding, fishing and rock climbing. Start creating your birthday photo book today!